Termites in Ohio

termite damage

Many lenders are now requiring a “pest” inspection in addition to the normal home inspection. It’s in your best interest to call a qualified pest inspection service to identify damage to wood structure, which could indicate termites.

Contrary to what you may have heard, there are termites in Ohio.

According to Termite.com: “The main destructive termite species in Ohio is the Eastern subterranean termite.” I’ve seen evidence of this local termite species as a home inspector. Learning from a professional pest control professional about the damage has been an interesting experience for me. This local termite can be destructive to common building timbers.

Identification is the first step in proper extermination. Hire a home inspector with the expertise to spot termite damage.

A good pest control company to call for a quality pest inspection in Northeast Ohio is Patton Pest Control Co.

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