Inspector Differences

January 7, 2014

Question: When should I hire a home inspector?

stock photo 01Answer: A home inspection is usually performed in connection with the purchase of a property, however there are times when a home inspector can be hired by a homeowner who wants to sell his or her house in the near future.  A home inspector’s services can also be used in connection with purchases of foreclosures or bank-owned houses. Radon testing and water analysis testing is commonly performed in many of these kinds of inspections. (To learn about foreclosure in your state, check your own state’s foreclosure laws.)

Question: Are there differences among home inspectors?

Answer: Yes. A homeowner who searches for the the least expensive inspector could be taking a risk on a report, since he may not be qualified to perform a thorough inspection. Make sure the home inspector you hire has a thorough check list and the experience needed for a solid inspection report.

Question: What kind of questions should we ask when deciding who to hire as our home inspector?

Answer: How long has the inspector been doing residential home inspections? Does he have a referral? (this could be buyers agent or former customers, etc.) How extensive is his inspection report? What inspections is he qualified to perform (such as radon? water? general?)

For more research and reading on home inspectors I’ll recommend this article 5 Biggest Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid.

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New house… what could be wrong?

July 23, 2013
Looks great ... right?

Looks great … right?

A recent client was purchasing a completely furnished home from a builder. When I saw this beautiful shower enclosure with a steam unit/controller, I thought, “What an absolutely spectacular steam shower!”

I began to test it. The unit did not function, and I initially thought the power had simply been turned off. The multi-function shower valve was flawless, and the unit was draining properly. Once I fully investigated, I realized that the steam generator wasn’t even present in the basement, nor was the power connected inside the main electrical panel.

This buyer was very pleased to have paid for an inspection even though he originally assumed it wasn’t necessary. (After all, it’s a new home…what could possibly be wrong?) His home inspection fee was money well spent since the builder supplied a steam generator with no labor costs to make this beautiful shower functional before transfer.

Note to self: never assume!

Because of a myriad of reasons, newer homes should always be inspected. There are a variety of other “issues” that can be detected and addressed before “closing” on your dream house.

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