Inspector Differences

January 7, 2014

Question: When should I hire a home inspector?

stock photo 01Answer: A home inspection is usually performed in connection with the purchase of a property, however there are times when a home inspector can be hired by a homeowner who wants to sell his or her house in the near future.  A home inspector’s services can also be used in connection with purchases of foreclosures or bank-owned houses. Radon testing and water analysis testing is commonly performed in many of these kinds of inspections. (To learn about foreclosure in your state, check your own state’s foreclosure laws.)

Question: Are there differences among home inspectors?

Answer: Yes. A homeowner who searches for the the least expensive inspector could be taking a risk on a report, since he may not be qualified to perform a thorough inspection. Make sure the home inspector you hire has a thorough check list and the experience needed for a solid inspection report.

Question: What kind of questions should we ask when deciding who to hire as our home inspector?

Answer: How long has the inspector been doing residential home inspections? Does he have a referral? (this could be buyers agent or former customers, etc.) How extensive is his inspection report? What inspections is he qualified to perform (such as radon? water? general?)

For more research and reading on home inspectors I’ll recommend this article 5 Biggest Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions regarding home inspection reports.


Vent Pipe

June 20, 2013

Vent Pipe

When a plumbing vent pipe lines up with an attic roof rafter, just cut it out!

Water & moisture issues

February 16, 2013
window trim damage from moisture

window trim damaged from moisture

Just like a car needs regular oil changes to prevent damage, so do houses. A regular routine for homes should be caulking and painting around areas that are vulnerable to moisture or water leaks.

Here are the two critical areas to inspect:

  1. Siding – wood sided homes and aluminum wrapped windows are guilty culprits of water penetration if typical caulk maintenance is not kept up.
  2. Window frames – many homeowners don’t realize why they have water penetration during heavy rainstorms through windows and doors. Again, a recommendation of caulking and painting to maintain weather seals around all windows and door frames.

Mold and mildew are really common issues when inspecting homes in Northeast Ohio. I’ve addressed proper ventilation inside the home (see Mold…should you worry?), but keeping water from coming into the house needs to be priority as well.

Home Inspection: A Smart Choice

April 21, 2012
1600 sq.ft.ranch - inspected and ready to buy!

1600 sq.ft. ranch – inspected and ready to buy!

The more confident you can be throughout the home-buying process, the better.

As a home inspector, I am required to report potential issues that require special attention.

The square footage of the property you want to buy makes no difference, as far as providing you an inspection report that meets all applicable requirements for the state of Ohio.

According to Keller Williams’ 8 Steps to Buying a Home: “you’ll need to have a property inspection (which we highly recommend you attend) that will expose hidden issues. That way, you’ll know what you are getting into before you sign closing papers.”

Read more from  Keller Williams here.