Vent Pipe

June 20, 2013

Vent Pipe

When a plumbing vent pipe lines up with an attic roof rafter, just cut it out!

Safety railings are a ‘must’

August 2, 2012

How many safety hazards can you find in this photo? (or at your own home, for that matter?)

The deck and all steps are important areas of safety for your home inspection

Here is the item most blatantly missing and will cause any home inspection to fail: handrails. I am looking for hand railings on all stairs and a safety railings on any deck platform or steps that are 36-inches above grade or higher. Bench seating on a deck is NOT considered safe, nor does a bench seat meet the safety requirement on the inspection report.

Kids love to climb up on things… and a built-in seat on a deck is too tempting. So keep them safe (and pass inspection!) by installing a safety railing right away.

Have a great summer and stay safe!